Mountain Sage Virtual (MSV) is a 100% remote education option for the 2020/2021 school year. This program will respond to flexes in our regular K - 8 phased program in order to accommodate a need for exclusive virtual learning. 

We are creating a custom program where Mountain Sage Virtual will weave together online learning from dedicated MSV staff,  MSCS staff serving our regular school program, and digital learning platforms. This interwoven approach will allow students to stay connected to their grade class and greater school community while forming new bonds with the MSV participants. ​

​Mrs. Abby Keeler, our Mountain Sage Virtual Coordinator, will be the main contact for all families enrolled in MSV and will connect with both students and parents on a regular basis. Mrs. Keeler will also host and/or assign some of our specials classes for students in MSV. MSV students are an important piece of Mountain Sage and Mrs. Keeler will be working with regular program teachers and administrative staff to integrate MSV students into phased programming in a rhythmic manner.

Who is this program for?

☑ Families with internet access.

All students will be given a laptop, however each family will need to secure their own internet service. We can assist by providing resources that families can use to secure their own internet connection.

Families must meet all four categories for MSV to be a viable option.

☑ Families who want to stay at MSCS.

Participating in Mountain Sage Virtual will allow students to keep their spot at MSCS when MSV is no longer needed. Enrolling in PSD Virtual or any other non-Mountain Sage program, including parent-led homeschooling, will result in a forfeiture of their spot. ​Currently enrolled Homeschool Enrichment students will need to switch to our regular grades program, provided a spot is available.

☑ Families who need 100% virtual.

This program is meant for the family who needs to have children participate remotely 100% of the school year. Regardless of the phases our school may transition between throughout the school year, students will remain virtual for the whole year.  Families choosing MSV should be prepared to experience program and teacher changes on a quarterly basis.

☑ Families with an adult at home.

Any child enrolled in this program, regardless of age, will need to have an adult present and available in the home during school hours. Children will need guidance and support beyond what they receive through the online platforms and the MSV Coordinator. This is especially true for kindergarten and first grade students. Parents will be required to connect with the MSV Coordinator on a regular basis.

How do we enroll?​

Participation in Mountain Sage Virtual is an option for currently enrolled families only. The deadline to request a spot has passed. Any new requests will be added to our MSV waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the regular program is in phase 1 (fully virtual)? Will MSV still be needed?

For our first quarter in phase 1 MSV students are fully incorporated into the phased program. MSV students however, can expect quarterly changes to their schedules. These changes may reflect a separation from the phased program in phase 3 or a re-integration into the phase 1 program. 

Can we just enroll in PSD virtual?

If you choose to enroll your child in PSD Virtual, which you may, then they are no longer a Mountain Sage student and will not have a spot at our school. It's worth noting that we are a charter school, not a "choice school" or a "home school" as defined by Poudre School District.

If we choose to homeschool our child this year, can you hold our spot?

Unfortunately, no. If you choose a program other than Mountain Sage full time, Mountain Sage Virtual, or Mountain Sage Homeschool Enrichment, your child will no longer have a spot at Mountain Sage.

My child has an IEP. How will MSV work for them?

If your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and you request the MSV option for the 2020/2021 school year, this would represent a request for a change of placement, thereby requiring the IEP team to conduct an evaluation in accordance with the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to determine whether MSV is an appropriate placement for your child.

Is MSV available to Homeschool Enrichment students?

Unfortunately, no. Homeschool enrichment will only be offered via our phased program. We understand however, that homeschool families needs may change. If your family requests to move to our full phased program, and is granted a spot, then your child will become eligible to be added to the MSV roster or waitlist.

You said MSV is a year-long commitment. What happens if we need to change back to regular MSCS?

MSV is a year-long commitment. We also understand that it may not work for every child who enrolls and some may find that the phased program will indeed work for them. We will offer a chance to change programs should the regular school program move into phase 3.