Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Scrip is a free program that benefits both your family and the school!

STEP 1: Choose your MSCS Scrip Program participation option. ​Both options support the school, so whichever you choose is great!
STEP 2: Pick the businesses that make the most sense for you. Scroll down to read how each business' scrip is obtained.
STEP 3: Order your scrip cards or sign up as appropriate and start shopping!

Mountain Sage Scrip Program Options​

Option 1: Donate 100% of rebates to Mountain Sage in support of the annual fundraising effort.

Option 2: 50/50 Split  50% of the rebate goes into your own family account to be used for field trips and school fees, and 50% of the rebate goes to Mountain Sage in support of the annual fundraising effort.

  • If you open a family account, an account balance will be sent every three months. Account inquiries are also available by request via email to Mountain Sage Business Manager, Amanda Griffith at agriffith@mountainsage.org
  • Those who choose 'Option 2: 50/50 Split' understand that when their child(ren) no longer attends the school, any funds remaining in the family account will automatically transfer to the school’s general fund and cannot be taken with the family upon their departure.
  • The '50/50 Split' program is not retroactive. Families must sign up for the program and elect the '50/50 Split' option before they can begin accruing rebates in their family account.
  • ​Sign up is required for this option!  Please stop by the Front Office and let the receptionist know you'd like to participate.

Participating Businesses

Natural Grocers and Sprouts

Sprouts and Natural Grocers cards are ordered by the school monthly and are not re-loadable, so new cards must be purchased each time. Orders & money must be submitted by the first Monday of the month. When received, pre-orderd cards are available for pick up at the front desk the following Wednesday.
To participate: Email connect@mountainsage.org with your order. You'll get monthly reminders after that.

King Soopers Community Rewards

Simply link your King Soopers account to Mountain Sage Community School. Then all you have to do when shopping at King Soopers is swipe your Plus Card or use your alternate ID and Mountain Sage automatically gets your support!

To participate:

  1. Sign in to your digital account, or sign up for one if you do not already have one.
  2. Go here to search for the Mountain Sage Community School.
  3. Enter "Mountain Sage Community School" or the organization ID "QW895" into the search field.
  4. Select the "Mountain Sage Community School" from the list and click Save.


Families that participate in the Mountain Sage Scrip Family Benefits plan are eligible to receive 50% of rebates earned, but must report their earnings on a quarterly basis to the Mountain Sage Business Manager, Amanda Griffith at agriffith@mountainsage.org to receive credit.  Unfortunately the school does not have direct access to family-specific earnings data, so this is a necessary step for those that wish to participate in the benefits program. Simply log into your account, go to My Account --> Community Rewards, take a screenshot (Alt+PrtScn), and e-mail the information.

In addition to the scrip program vendors above, www.ShopWithScrip.com offers additional opportunities. An established scrip website, Shop With Scrip gives you access to hundreds of shops, including Safeway, Shell, Barnes and Noble, and many more. Keep them in mind for gifts! Each participating retailer in Shop With Scrip offers rebates between 2.5% and 14% of your purchase.

To participate:

  1. Visit Shop With Scrip.
  2. Once there, click on “Get Started” on the left of the top menu bar.
  3. Fill out the registration form.
  4. When asked for your affiliated organization, enter the Mountain Sage code: 2134DB3139L8L
  5. If you plan to pay the school with check, you may start shopping. Inquire at the front desk about leaving your scrips check at the school.
  6. If you’d like to use a debit card, click the “PrestoPay” tab on the left hand menu in “My Account.” PrestoPay requires a few days for set up with your bank account, and will result in a nominal $0.15 fee per order. Please note there is some additional work to be done on your end with PrestoPay, but once set-up, it’s easy to use.
  7. Once you are in the Shop With Scrip system and have ordered your first round of cards, most of them can be reloaded at your convenience. Each time you reload, you continue to support the school. Any orders of new cards will need to be picked up at the school.
  8. For the fastest shopping experience and easy e-gift cards, consider using the scripnow! option. This mode sends your gift card via email, so you can print and use at your convenience. To find scripnow! click the “shop” tab and then choose “scripnow!”. You’ll receive an email when your gift card is ready.