School Lunch Program

Mountain Sage is excited to offer a hot lunch program. Food is prepared and delivered by Denver-based My Kids Lunch and served by trained Mountain Sage staff and volunteers. My Kids Lunch provides well-balanced meals that include organic ingredients when available and baked goods made from scratch, while leaving out additives like trans fats and high fructose corn syrup.

If you have questions about the lunch program, need more information, or are interested in becoming a lunch volunteer, please our School Food Coordinator.

What's New With Lunch for the 2022-2023 School Year

  • Lunches are no longer free for everyone. Families that do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals will need to pay the school $4.25 per lunch.
  • Sack lunches will be available on Fridays and will be served and eaten during the morning break period. They will not be distributed to go, as they were last year.
  • Lunches will now be delivered to classrooms! No more waiting in line in the library.

Important Details

  • Hot lunch is served Monday-Thursday and a sack lunch is served on Friday.
  • Participating in the School Lunch Program is not required. Students may still bring their own lunch.
  • All meals need to be pre-ordered. Families need to create an account and pre-order meals directly through My Kids Lunch.
  • Students with severe food allergies or a medical diagnosis should fill out the Medical Statement for Meal Modification form, complete with physician's signature, and bring it the school.
  • My Kid's Lunch is not a gluten-free certified kitchen.
  • There are two menus: Blue Meal and Green Meal. Green Meal is always gluten-free/dairy-free/vegetarian.
  • We ask that all families complete the Online Meal Benefits Application, which helps the school to obtain funding and allows certain families to qualify for free or reduced-price services. 
  • Please read this flyer from My Kids Lunch.

Order and Pay for Lunch

Step 1: Sign Up with My Kids Lunch

  1. Go to
  2. Click "create an account" and follow the prompts.
  3. This will take you to the HotLunchOnline ordering homepage.
  4. Add students by selecting the Student tab and choosing "add a student."
  5. Enter the student's information and press submit. Repeat for additional children.

Step 2: Order Meals

  1. While logged in to your HotLunchOnline account, select the Order tab.
  2. Select your child from the drop down menu (top right of the calendar).
  3. Add items to the cart by clicking the item you want. A complete description will show in a pop-up window.
  4. After making your selections, click the Shopping Cart or Review Order button. Your balance will show as $0 but meals cost $4.25. Payment will need to be made separately.
  5. To change your order, choose "change" or "clear cart," otherwise click "place order."
  6. Submitted orders can be viewed under the History tab.

Step 3: Register for My MealTime

More than a place to pay with credit card, My MealTime acts as a lunch program portal where you can see your child's lunch activity.

  1. Go to
  2. If this is your first visit:
    1. Register. Click or tap the Register button and follow the onscreen prompts to create your My MealTime account.
    2. Link Your Student. Click or tap the ‘Add Student’ button, then find your student’s school. Link them to your profile by using their student ID number found in ParentVUE. Your student’s MealTime student ID number should be their regular district student ID with '152' at the front. For example, if their student ID is 9999, their MealTime ID will be 1529999.
  3. View reports, make payments, and set payment reminders.
  4. Read this flyer from My MealTime with more info.

**Please note: Mountain Sage school fees must be paid through our Payment Portal and not My MealTime.

Step 4: Pay for Lunch

We accept credit card, cash, and check payment for school lunch.

Credit card payments are made through My Mealtime. See Step 3 to register. Then:

  1. Login to My MealTime
  2. Click the green "Add $" button
  3. Follow the steps to checkout

Cash and check payments are made in person at the reception desk during regular school hours (M-F 8am-4pm and F 8am-1:15pm). Please make out checks to Mountain Sage Community School.

To Cancel Lunches

Orders can only be cancelled 5 full days in advance for Monday and Tuesday lunches and 3 full days in advance for Tuesday-Friday meals.

To cancel an order:

  1. Go to the Order tab and click on the ordered item you'd like to change (it appears in white)
  2. Click "cancel/credit purchase."

Please read this letter from My Kids Lunch for more details.

Order and Cancelation Deadlines

Orders may be placed or cancelled as follows:


Each 1st-8th grade student will need to bring a mid-morning snack. Kindergarten students prepare snack food as part of their daily experience. Snack recess is built into the schedule for each class and is an important time for refueling. Please follow the food guidelines discussed in the Parent Handbook. In the event a child comes to school without a snack, we have items available on hand so that no child goes without a snack.