Mountain Sage Forest School

A homeschool enrichment program for children ages 5-9

Join our new program!

We are excited to offer this homeschool enrichment program for the 2021/2022 school year. Meant as a complement to your own homeschool curriculum, the Mountain Sage Forest School offers an on-site, nature-based experience two mornings a week. Please note: families may only be enrolled in one public homeschool enrichment program, each school year. Families cannot be concurrently enrolled in multiple schools. Click here to learn more about home school in Colorado on the Colorado Department of Education's website.

Nature is a Living Teacher

The Mountain Sage Forest School is perfect for families who want to add something additional their homeschool life with a rhythmic touchstone steeped in nature and cultivating community ties. When children are given time in nature with peers, they know just what to do and get busy right away. The younger students learn primarily through imitation, imagination, and play, and the older students work more deeply with content and games that require a greater level of maturity, coordination, and thinking. 

Each class will occur twice a week and offer a rich and engaging experience for homeschooled students. Through days spent in nature, classes will emphasize connection, creativity, self-awareness, and skill building. The lessons will be seasonal, nature-based, and grounded in our Waldorf-inspired teaching philosophy, which gives a wonderful framework for strengthening imagination, creativity, social skills, a sense of self-confidence, and academic success. 

Forest Homeschool Enrichment for Kindergarteners

Monday and Tuesday mornings 8:30 am-12 pm

The kindergarten age children will be given the gift of free play in nature climbing, listening, building, resting, lifting, singing, estimating, laughing, measuring, making friends, and negotiating the roles and rules of their rich imaginative play. This program is perfect for families wanting a school experience for their child that is rooted in rhythm, nature, and community. With the teacher and assistant, the children will walk together to play in the trees, on the bank of the river, along a trail, or in the nook of a quiet space.

Forest Homeschool Enrichment for Grades 1-3

Wednesday and Thursday mornings 8:30 am-12 pm

These school-age learners will experience the magic of outdoor education through hands-on activities, games, free play, and song. Students in our mixed age first through third grade Forest School class will learn through Waldorf-inspired and environmental education based lessons, all outside in the beautiful natural areas surrounding the Mountain Sage campus.