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Mountain Sage Community School currently offers two different mixed-age Homeschool Enrichment groups:

  • Monday Enrichment class meets from 8:30am - 3:30pm and is designed for children ages 10-12.*
  • Thursday Enrichment class meets from 8:30am - 3:30pm and is designed for children ages 7-9.*

Our Forest Homeschool Enrichment program has been postponed for the 20/21 school year.

Click here to learn more about home school in Colorado on the Colorado Department of Education's website.

Homeschool Enrichment for 7-12 Year Olds

Each enrichment group offers a rich and engaging enrichment program to homeschool students. Our programs for 7-12 year olds are perfect for families wanting to enrich their homeschool life with a rhythmic touchstone based in the arts, nature, and community. Through frequent time in nature and our Waldorf-inspired, arts-integrated curriculum, our program emphasizes connection, creativity, self-awareness, and many kinds of movement and skill building. While the younger students learn primarily through imitation, imagination, and play, the older students are working more deeply with content and games that require a greater level of maturity, coordination, and thinking.

Enrichment days for 7-12 years olds includes a main lesson led by Teacher Sara K. Woll, and includes singing, recitation, yoga, team building games, an artistic activity, and story. Artistic activities include watercolor painting, writing, form drawing and crafts. Stories are inspired by the changing seasons, and are connected to the rich festival life at Mountain Sage. The class will also go on frequent nature walks together to the beautiful natural areas along the Spring Creek and the Cache la Poudre River, both of which flow right by our school campus. There is so much learning to be done while spending time in nature. We might see the handiwork of beavers, find an owl pellet, or spy a Great Blue Heron. All parts of the children are enlivened and engaged as they relate to each other and the environment together.

Homeschool students also receive the best of our experiential, arts-integrated specials program led by our expert faculty. Children attend classes in Games/Movement, Gardening & Sustainability, Handwork, and Español.

In Handwork class with Ms. Barbara Albert each project is selected to teach specific skills, develop dexterity, and build a strong work ethic. Providing a bridge from play to work, Handwork classes strive to be relaxing and fun, while at the same time allowing for purposeful activity, beauty, color and form to help shape human beings who are ready to go into the world with new and creative ideas. By the end of the year, it is the goal that students will have enjoyed creating with a wide range of tools and materials and that they have made something beautiful.

In Games/Movement class, (an outdoor class) led byTeacher Sara K. Woll, students learn spatial awareness, directional paths, tag games, and cooperative games in a fun and creative way. Students experience a variety of games that encourage them to work and communicate as a unified group. They also work on basic fundamental skills and practice game play as it pertains to throwing, catching, and kicking, all integral to the Games/Movement learning environment.

In Español class, Mrs. Kathol will lead students through an immersion approach to Spanish in a way that encourages them to experience the value and beauty of different cultures. Through conversation, hands-on activities, and engaging reading materials, students will engage in a meaningful and fun language learning.

In Gardening & Sustainability class, Ms. Jackson incorporates seasonally appropriate gardening skills including planting, harvesting, and eating produce grown right here in our school garden. Students will learn how to harvest the summer bounty and be able to taste a variety of different vegetables and fruits. The students will also explore the different tastes and benefits of the many herbs growing in the garden through herbal teas and seasoning blends.

Forest Homeschool Enrichment for 5-6 Year Olds

Please note: this program has been postponed for the 20/21 school year

In our Forest Homeschool Enrichment class, children are given the gift of free playtime in nature. This program is perfect for families wanting a school experience for their child that is rooted in rhythm, nature, and community. With Teacher Sara K. Woll and her assistant, the children walk together to a beautiful natural area we call "The Fairy Woods" to play in the trees and sometimes on the bank of the river for our primarily outdoor homeschool enrichment experience.

Nature is a living teacher. When children are given time in nature, they know just what to do and get busy right away. Climbing, listening, building, resting, lifting, singing, estimating, laughing, measuring, making friends, and negotiating the roles and rules of their rich imaginative play are just a few of the ways that young children learn outdoors.

Our time in the woods begins and ends with opening and closing circles. Taking our themes from the seasons, we speak verses, move and play games that bring us together as a class. Storytelling holds a place of importance in the Waldorf approach and has a magical way of reaching children. Each day will bring a story, crafted by Teacher K. Woll and spoken aloud to the children as they sit together in the woods. Often the stories are pedagogical, in which forest animals and mythical creatures have an adventure and wrestle with the same social lessons that the students are learning.

Each child carries their own small pack and learns to be responsible for their water bottles and gear that keeps them warm and dry. (see the gear list) Each child will bring their own healthy snack each day. Children enjoy the opportunity to sit together, give thanks, and practice table manners.

A goal of this program is to be outdoors as much as possible. This group will have a place to gather outdoors after drop-off in the morning and we will walk to the woods right away. On the very coldest or wettest days we will shorten our time in the woods and utilize our indoor classroom at Mountain Sage. Taking advantage of the amenities of the classroom, the children paint with watercolors and participate in other artistic activities when inside.

Spending time outdoors together fosters confidence, resilience, and self-awareness. The beauty of the changing seasons and the real physical forces of nature offer instant feedback and indelible experiences.

A student may attend only one publicly funded homeschool enrichment program. A year long commitment is required for students to enroll in the Mountain Sage homeschool enrichment program.
*Students must meet the age criteria by August 1st in the year they hope to attend.​

Forest Homeschool Enrichment Gear List

When children are prepared, they enjoy being outside in all weather.

Please send your child to school well prepared with each of these items every day:

  • Sun hat
  • Small backpack. A small child’s pack should hang no lower than their lower back.
  • Clothes that can get dirty.
  • A clean, full water bottle, 12 ounces or less as they are carrying their own weight.
  • Hearty Snack
  • Closed toed shoes
  • A lightweight rain jacket
  • An extra set of underwear and shorts or pants, rolled and wrapped in a plastic bag. If their primary bottoms get too wet to wear, their wet clothes will be sent home in the plastic bag.

For cold and snowy days:

  • Children should bundle to be outside for three hours.
  • Layers are key and wool socks keep them warm even if they get wet.
  • A waterproof, insulated jacket over snow pants
  • Waterproof snow boots
  • Warm hat and waterproof gloves