Cultivating the creative mind through an engaged community of intelligent, compassionate, and creative individuals.

K-8 public charter school inspired by Waldorf education and sustainable living in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Mountain Sage is open in a fully remote Phase 1 program until at least October 16th.

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Now Accepting New Students!

Mountain Sage offers a comprehensive K-8 education as well as homeschool enrichment classes for 5-12 year olds. We are still accepting students for this school year! Learn about our unique Waldorf-inspired program here and about our enrollment process here.

Free Meals for MSCS Students

Poudre School District has announced a free meal program for all children under the age of 18. Mountain Sage students qualify to receive these free breakfasts and lunches. Learn more on the PSD website here.

Read the 20/21 Parent Guide

See what's new at Mountain Sage as we head into this unique school year. This parent guide will provide answers to many of the most pressing questions, including what learning looks like in both remote and on-site settings for our students and their families.

20/21 Parent Guide

7 Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education

As a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, we support and follow these important principles:

1. Image of the Human Being. Public Waldorf education is founded on a coherent image of the developing human being. 

2. Child Development. An understanding of child development guides all aspects of the educational program, to the greatest extent possible within established legal mandates.

3. Social Change Through Education. Public Waldorf education exists to serve both the individual and society.

4. Human Relationships. Public Waldorf Schools foster a culture of healthy relationships.

5. Access and Diversity.Public Waldorf Schools work to increase diversity and access to all sectors of society.

6. Collaborative Leadership. School leadership is conducted through shared responsibilities within established legal structures.

7. Schools as Learning Communities. Public Waldorf schools cultivate a love of lifelong learning and self-knowledge.