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As a public charter school, Mountain Sage Community School participates in various standardized testing, also known as student assessments. Click here to see the entire list of student assessments taken at Mountain Sage.


Colorado’s annual standardized tests known as Colorado Measure of Academic Success (CMAS) will happen in the spring of each year. Third through eighth grade students take assessments in English language arts and mathematics. Fifth grade and eighth grade students take the state science assessment. Your child's class teacher will provide additional testing details in class emails.

As parents, you play an important role in supporting your student's success during testing season. ​The children are excited to try to do their best work. Please keep in mind your child’s testing schedule and pay particular attention to the following:

  • Positive language and an encouraging attitude toward testing;
  • Ensure your child get a good night’s sleep;
  • Ensure your child has a hearty, protein rich breakfast and a substantial snack and lunch; and
  • Plan for extra rest, play, and free time after school.

Participation in these state and federally required assessments is critical to our continued operation. Testing results provide valuable information. Results are used to track student growth in language arts, math, and science, helping teachers plan future instruction and goals for your child’s learning.

​CMAS tests at Mountain Sage Community School are administered using a combination of paper/pencil and digital formats. Our goal is to help students have a positive experience while they strive to do their best.

Thank you for your support of our school community and academic program. Please feel free to contact Amanda Reid, Administrative Coordinator, in the ParentSquare app or via connect@mountainsage.org if you have any questions.

Want to learn more about CMAS? Click here to visit the Colorado Department of Education website.

Progress Reports

All progress reports can be found in your child's ParentVue account. Learn more about ParentVue below.

Parents of 6th through 8th graders should be sure to share these with their students, using semester one progress reports to spark discussions about second semester goals and needs.

Parents of kindergarten through 5th students, please note these progress reports are for parent eyes only. This information can be used to guide continued support of your student's educational journey. We encourage parents to communicate with their child's teachers if they have any questions.

Our goal is to have a growth mindset for assessing your child in achievement of Waldorf-inspired and state-based standards. Within your student's progress report you will see the following letter code used:

A = Advanced (The learner  has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and fluent understanding of the specific knowledge and skills.)

P = Proficient (The learner has demonstrated understanding of specific knowledge and skills.)

E = Emerging (The learner has demonstrated an emerging understanding of specific knowledge and skills.)

N = Not yet (The learner has provided some evidence for assessment but has not yet demonstrated understanding of specific knowledge or skills.)

​Please note Mountain Sage teachers use “Advanced” only in rare cases where the child is truly going above and beyond in a particular area almost all of the time. If your child receives “Proficient” in a category, they are doing well. “Emerging” means this is a skill they are still working on, and "Not Yet" indicates an area of real struggle. Be sure to view the comments section of the report for more information about how your child is doing in regard to these skills.

Synergy and ParentVue

Synergy is the name of the Student Information System that Mountain Sages contracts with Poudre School District to use. Synergy allows us to maintain updated student contact information, health information, daily schedule, grades, attendance and more in a secure setting. Parents of Mountain Sage students can access student information through the Synergy portal called ParentVue. All parents must register their account in order to make the most of this important communication tool. Need help registering your account? Email Nancy Sexton, Registrar.