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Upcoming Board Meetings

Mountain Sage August Board Retreat
Saturday, August 7th, 2021, 9:30am - 2:30pm
Location: Primrose Studio, 4300 Michaud Ln, Fort Collins, CO 80521
2021-08-07 MSCS Board Retreat - Agenda.pdf


Mountain Sage August Board Business Meeting
Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, 6 - 8:30pm
Location: Mountain Sage Community School
2310 East Prospect Road, Suite A, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Board of Directors

The Mountain Sage Board of Directors is a governance board, responsible for upholding the school’s mission and vision while providing academic and fiscal oversight. The Board partners closely with the School Director, providing support and yearly evaluations. Monthly Board meetings are held throughout the school year. Meetings allow for a review of school policies, finances, and strategic plan. In addition, time is set aside for Director and committee updates. The Board consists of individuals who believe deeply in the education that is being provided at Mountain Sage, and who are charged with making sound decisions that protect the short and long term sustainability of the school. Meet the Board of Directors here.

Meeting Information

The Mountain Sage Community School Board of Directors meets monthly, usually on the 4th Tuesday evening of every month.  Board meetings are also posted on our school Google Calendar. See below for previous meetings.

Minutes from the current month are posted online once approved, typically after the following month's meeting.

​Board meetings are open to the public. Please review our Board Guest Policy before attending a board meeting.

Mountain Sage Community School is committed to maintaining a safe environment and is currently following recommendations for social distancing. Until further notice board meetings will be held virtually. See web/phone conference information below for the specific meeting. Additional information and resources about Mountain Sage's COVID-19 response can be found here.

Board Election Process

In September of each year, the Mountain Sage Board of Directors determines the number of open board seats for which candidates will be sought. The school community will receive communication regarding the number of seats and information regarding how individuals can participate in the candidacy and the election process. Interested candidates will need to review and complete all requirements by February 1 to have their name included on the official ballot. All eligible voters will participate in an online election to be held in May. Candidates and community members will be notified of results at the closing of the election period. Candidates successfully elected to a board seat will commence their term in May.

Candidate Requirements

Becoming a board member at Mountain Sage provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to the school through participation in its governance. The board welcomes interested community members who have a desire to join the board to review the following requirements and responsibilities. To be eligible for inclusion on the ballot, candidates need to complete requirements by February 1st (other than meeting requirement). In addition to the listed requirements, candidates will need to attend the annual Town Hall meeting held in February and be prepared, if elected, to begin their term in May.

  • Register as a volunteer and successfully complete background check
    Picture of Mountain Sage Board from Zoom meeting on December 8, 2020
    MSCS Board of Directors, December, 2020
  • Submit letter of intent (why you’re interested & resume to the Board of Directors)
  • Review board member responsibilities
  • Review election process
  • Attend at least one board meeting prior to February 1st (may begin attending at any time)
  • Attend second meeting by April 1st

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend board meetings. This consists of one 3 hour business meeting held monthly and a separate 2-3 hour work session held monthly (as needed).  Refer to the MSCS online calendar  for meeting dates. Each meeting will require pre-work including preparing agenda topics, reviewing prepared materials from others and providing feedback.
  • Sharing in monthly Board tasks on a rotating basis. Tasks include: presenting on an educational topic of your choosing, attending the parent circle and faculty meetings, setting out signage prior to the start of Board meetings and setting up the room. 
  • Attend board retreats. Two board retreats are held each year, one at the end of the school’s academic  year and one prior to the start of the school year . These are full day events. Refer to the online calendar for dates.
  • Serve on a committee. Each board member serves on a sub committee of the board such as finance, fundraising, and marketing. You can expect to spend 2-5 hours per month on committee work outside of regular board meetings.
  • Familiarize yourself with key school documents. These include the school’s mission and vision, and the MSCS  charter,  policy document,  Articles of Incorporation , and  Bylaws.
  • Continuing education. Each board member must complete the CDE Online Board Modules (directions) within 6 months of their start date on the board. In addition, board members commit to continuing education by joining the  Colorado League of Charter Schools and Colorado Department of Education Charter School email lists, notifications from charter board and charter conference attendance.  Board members need to also review the Consensus Agreement and the Summary of the Colorado Open Meeting Laws and Open Records Act.
  • Term commitment. Each board member commits to a 3 year term upon joining the board.
  • Board members may miss no more than 3 meetings per year.

Previous Meetings

If you need to access meeting minutes or the agenda for a year not listed, please send us an email.

2020-2021 Fiscal/School Year

​February 9, 2021, 6:30-8pm
Town Hall Meeting​

(Agenda, Video Recording)


​February 23, 2021, 6-8:30pm
Board Business Meeting​

2021-02-23 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Agenda.pdf

2021-02-23 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Minutes.pdf

​June 6, 2021, 9:30am-2:30pm
June Reflective Board Retreat (9:30am) & Board Business Meeting (1:30pm)

2021-06-06 Board Retreat and Business Session - Agenda.pdf


​June 25, 2021, 6-7:30pm
Board Special Meeting​

2021-06-22 MSCS Board Special Meeting - Agenda.pdf


2019-2020 Fiscal/School Year

October 22, 2019, 6-8pm - School Board Meeting

2019-10-22 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Agenda.pdf

2019-10-22 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Minutes.pdf


October 8, 2019, 6-8pm - Board Work Session

Location: 215 Mathews St. Suite 300, Fort Collins, CO 80524

2019-10-08 MSCS Board Work Session - Agenda.pdf


April 28, 2020, 6-8:30pm - Business Meeting​

2020-04-28 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Agenda.pdf

2020-04-28 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Minutes.pdf


April 21, 2020, 6-8pm - Board Work Session​

2020-04-21 MSCS Board Work Session - Agenda.pdf


April 7, 2020, 6-8:30pm - Business Meeting (rescheduled from March 24)

2020-04-07 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Agenda.pdf

2020-04-07 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Minutes.pdf

2018-2019 Fiscal/School Year

March 26, 2019 - Business Meeting

2019-03-26 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Agenda.pdf

2019-03-26 MSCS Board Business Meeting - Minutes.pdf