What is Early Spring?

Artwork by Marna Widom

Take plenty of pictures and share on here, here, and on your own social media pages with #EarlySpring and #MountainSage!

Listen to a Springtime Tale

Gather round as we revisit the tale of Franz the Fox, written and told by Aleah Black, former MSCS teacher.


Activities to Celebrate the Newness of Spring

Wet Felting Spring Shapes

Spring Planting in Your Garden

Spark Your Memory with a Game

Courtesy of Twelve Little Tales

Plant Wheatgrass (and Watch it Grow!)

Follow these easy instructions to plant wheatgrass in your home. This fast-growing grass feels like a great springtime companion!

Dance and Sing

My Lady Spring


My Lady Spring is dressed in green
she wears a primrose crown

and little baby buds and twigs
are clinging to her gown.

The sun shines if she laughs at all
and if she cries the raindrops fall.

My Lady Spring
My Lady Spring

Spring is Coming


Spring is coming, spring is coming
birdies build your nest
weave together straw and feather
each one doing their best.

Spring is coming, spring is coming
flowers are coming, too
pansies, lilies, daffodilies
all are coming through.

Spring is coming, spring is coming
all around is fare
shiver, quiver on the river
joy is everywhere.