The mission of Mountain Sage Parent Circle is to support a culture of service, to enliven community, and to facilitate parent dialogue. 

We do this through four key actions:

Teacher Support

Providing structure and support for Class Representatives.

Joyful Community

Holding joyful space and community for all parents at regularly scheduled meetings.

Hosting Events

Hosting core events: Winter Faire, Winter Warmth Drive, and parent socials twice a year.

School Support

Supporting other school and teacher needs: parent enrichment, teacher appreciation, Classroom Creations for spring fundraiser, volunteers needs, and other community care efforts.

Why Join Parent Circle?

Parent Circle is all about making new friends, connecting, sharing, and communing. If you want to take part in building an enlivened parent community, support and model a culture of service and care for the children, participate in creatively developing resources to make the school a better place, or gain diverse perspectives on school issues and community, then this is for you. If you simply want to connect and share ideas, then Parent Circle is for you, too! All parents are welcome, always. 

How is Parent Circle Different This Year?

Just like all things Mountain Sage, Parent Circle has had to adapt to this very different school year. Instead of meeting on site for 1.5 hours on the 2nd Friday of the month, we are now meeting virtually in the Parent Circle Zoom room for 1 hour on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Our focus has shifted from Winter Faire and class teacher support to community conversation including review of the Inspiration Friday talks, the school calendar, and other pertinent issues. Come join us!

What's in a Name?

Parent Circle, while a gathering of supportive and dedicated parents and caregivers, is not an independently funded organization and therefor not a PTA or PTO. Parent Circle works in collaboration with, and in support of, teachers and the administration. In the Mountain Sage Parent Circle, we define a parent as someone who is a primary caregiver and/or guardian of a child, whether through biological and/or legal relation.