What is May Faire?

Following in the footsteps of long-held traditions around the world, May Faire is a time of joyous celebration in the return of the sunshine and warm weather. It is also a wonderful time for renewing connections to our community, as we all emerge from the feelings of winter hibernation with fresh energy and hearts open with the vibrancy of the season.

This year, children will be celebrating May Faire at school in their classes on May 6th. Volunteers are needed to help make this beautiful and important event the best it can be. Please check out the volunteer sign-up sheet here. We encourage you to allow the festive colors of spring to adorn your house, your clothing, your hair, or anywhere you like with ribbons, flowers, paper cut outs, and of course, a May Faire crown. Refer to this page for inspiration and fun activities. Have a wonderful May Faire!

Artwork by Marna Widom of Twelve Little Tales

Celebrate with Springtime Adornments

Make Dandelion Salve

Make Dandelion Salve with Ms. Jackson

Listen To and Tell Stories

M. Black's May Day Story

Create Your Own May Day Story

Dance and Sing


Arise in the sweet spring time
And greet the summer sun
Take my hand and go with me
The flowering has begun
Oh the flowering has begun
Arise, arise and dance with me
Arise and dance and sing
Arise, arise and dance with me
Arise and dance and sing

Hey Ho To The Greenwood

Hey Ho to the Greenwood
Now let us go
Sing heave and ho
And there shall we find both buck and doe
Sing heave and ho
The hart, the hind and the little pretty roe
Sing heave and ho

Hal An Tow - performed by Sharon Docherty

Hal an tow, jolly ramble o
We were up long before the day-O
To welcome in the summer
To welcome in the May-O
For summer is a comin’ and the winter’s gone away-O

May Song

Here’s a branch of snowy May
A branch the fairies gave me
Would you like to dance today with a branch the fairies gave me?
Dance away, dance away
Holding high the branch of May

Come Dance 'round the Maypole

Come Dance ‘round the Maypole on this bright day
To the sound of the fiddler so happy and gay
For we are as happy as happy can be
For today is May Day come dance with me