Let's Celebrate May Faire at Home!

We may not be at the school gathered around the May Pole, but we can each still have a wonderful May Faire celebration at home. Enjoy!

What is May Faire?

Following in the footsteps of long-held traditions around the world, May Faire is a time of joyous celebration in the return of the sunshine and warm weather. It is also a wonderful time for renewing connections to our community, as we all emerge from the feelings of winter hibernation with fresh energy and hearts open with the vibrancy of the season. Allow the festive colors of spring ​ to adorn your house, your clothing, your hair, or anywhere you like with ribbons, flowers, paper cut outs, and of course, a May Faire crown.

Create Your Own May Faire Schedule

We have each established our own family rhythm, so take any, all, or none of this schedule for your own. The most important thing is to connect with the spirit of May Faire and mood of spring, and to have fun!

  1. ​Select a delectable spring recipe or two and prepare a special meal or treat for the day.
  2. Make your May Day crown and dress for the occasion.
  3. Paint your face.
  4. Make a colorful bouquet of flowers (from your garden or made of paper) and fill a paper basket for a neighbor or friend.
  5. Gather dandelions to make some soothing salve.
  6. Have a dance party with ribbons and traditional May day jigs and reels.
  7. Sing some May Day songs.
  8. Watch M. Black’s May Day story and deliver your own May Tale with the help of Twelve Little Tales.
  9. Take plenty of pictures and share on here, here, and on your own social media pages with #MayFaire and #MountainSage

Make Your Own May Faire Feast

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Listen To and Tell Stories

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