What is Lantern Walk?

Artwork by Marna Widom

Lantern Walk 2023 Schedule

The event will begin at the time doors open for your class group.
Please arrive 10 minutes early and plan to use the bathroom before arrival.
Late arrivals will miss the story and will be directed to meet their class for the walk and singing.

*New for 2023!* From 7-7:15pm we will offer a walk for 4th Grade and up, alumni, and community members- anyone who feels they need a reverent lantern walk. This will be a quiet walk with singing only, no story. Participants will need to bring their own lanterns fully furnished with candles and lighters.

5:30pm: Kindergarten and Forest School (arrive 5:20pm)

6:00pm: 1st Grade and 2nd Grade, Addington (arrive 5:50pm)

6:30pm: 2nd Grade, Glaser and 3rd Grade (arrive 6:20pm)

7:00-7:15pm: Community Walk (arrive 6:50pm)

Sing Songs of Light

Children Of One Light Are We

Children of One Light are We
clear and dark the night
stars are very bright
lantern shining seems so small.
See in single file we walk along,
singing joyfully our lantern song.
We go through the land
like a wild geese band
children of one light are we.

Glimmer Lantern Glimmer

Glimmer Lantern Glimmer
glimmer, lantern, glimmer...
little stars a-shimmer
over meadow, moor and dale
flitter flutter elfin veil.
Peewit peewit rik a tik a tik, roo coo, roo coo.

glimmer, lantern, glimmer...
little stars a-shimmer.
over rock and stock and stone,
wander tripping little gnome.
Peewit peewit rik a tik a tik, roo coo, roo coo.

Down With Darkness

​Down with Darkness
Down with darkness, up with light,
Up with sunshine, down with night.
Each of us is one small light,
But together we shine bright.
Go away, deepest, darkest night,
Go away, give way to light!

Laterne, Laterne

Laterne, Laterne
Laterne, Laterne
Sonne, Mond und Sterne
Brenne auf, mein Licht,
Brenne auf, mein Licht
Aber nur meine liebe Laterne nicht.

I Go With My Little Lantern

I Go With My Little Lantern
I go with my little lantern,
My lantern goes with me.
In heaven the stars are shining,
On earth are shining we
The cock does crow, the cat says meow,
a e o
La-bimel-a-la-bamel-la boom, boom boom

The Sunlight Fast Is Dwindling

The Sunlight Fast is Dwindling
The sunlight fast is dwindling.
My little lamp needs kindling.
It’s beam shines far in darkest night,
Dear lantern guard me with your light.

Golden Light

Golden light is turning gray,

Mists begin to rule the day,

Bare the trees their branches lift

Clouds of dead leaves earthward drift,

Deep below, deep below, new life shall spring.

Through the field the beggar goes

Weary feet and tattered clothes,

Trusts the earth to keep him warm,

Shelter him from cold and harm.

Deep below, deep below, new life shall spring

Warm Mulled Apple Cider

This is wonderful to sip after Lantern Walk!


Artwork by Marna Widom

Lantern Walk Through the Years