Mountain Sage Community School is authorized by Poudre School District R1 and under that charter is governed by the Mountain Sage Board of Directors.  The Board sets broad policy that establishes the vision and direction of the school for the School Director to implement and the framework by which the Board and School Director work together.

The following are categories for Board policies:

  • Ends: Aspirational and visionary goals for the school from which the School Director is able to create programs for students.
  • Executive Limitations: Policies that say what the School Director will not fail to do (implying that other actions will be carried out to implement the Ends)
  • Governance Process: Policies that indicate the processes the Board will follow with regard to itself and its actions as a whole
  • Board-Principal Relationship: Policies that discuss what the Board's wishes are in relation to its relationship with the School Director
  • Additional Policies: Policies that fall outside the scope of categories above